Bass heavy

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This is a portrait of a friend’s significant other.  He’s the bass player from Pocket Dwellers. Good band!

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Bamboo Forest

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The word is spreading about Adrian Hayles’ creative contributions to Toronto’s inner city communities, and the locals are excited to get a personal piece of art for there living space. Adrian has painted this mural for a Kensington resident who commissioned him to create a piece that will extent his interior living space out to his exterior living space. Mission accomplished.

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Thymeless Longboard Series – Adrian Hayles x Longboard Living

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In collaboration with Adrian ‘Sawtay’ Hayles, we have developed the Ball Point Series. Originally designed on raw wood longboards with ball point pen, Adrian used the architecture of Toronto’s landmark buildings as letters in the word “Toronto”. This became part of a limited edition run of 100 “Toronto” Thymeless decks by Longboard Living. The Series moved to another city very close to both of us, New York. The New York / Toronto Longboard communities are very culturally rich and dependent on the amazing environments and people that surround us. The “New York” signature design will be available in a limited edition run of 50 1″ drop, symmetrical free ride / downhill / commute deck on February 24th during Longboard Living x Adrian Hayles: NYC EDITION @ Uncle Funky’s

Available at:

Proper Reserve
498 Queen Street West, Toronto
between Spadina and Bathurst at Portland on the north side.

Longboard Living
202 Augusta, Toronto, ON.

Uncle Funky
128 Charles Street, New York, NY 10014
1 646.895.9943

Glossy Collective
289 College Street, Toronto, ON.

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Bachelorette Nude Life Drawing Sessions

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Looking for an alternative to the typical bar-based bachelorette? Why not grab your favourite girls and learn to sketch? your subject? a gorgeous nude man!

Adrian says it’s all the rage for the urban bride: Nude Life Drawing Bachelorette parties. For $850, nine to fourteen of the best girlfriends you’ve got will have access to “one hot model”, three hours of sketching instruction, and four bottles of wine! Catering is provided by Vert Catering and musical entertainment is provided by Cr8apes 

For more information or to register your party, please get in touch with Adrian by calling {647} 502-2787 or by emailing at

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Stud Horses – Foldable Artist Bench

November 23rd, 2011 by sawtay · 4 Comments · Behind the Front

Stud Horses:

Are a patent pending product designed and developed by Adrian Hayles principal and owner of Behind the Front Visual Arts Studio. Stud Horses are an all in one studio work bench. The design was based on the commonly used art studio Horses that have been in circulation for hundreds of years. The problem that the previous Art Horses posed is they take up a great deal of studio real-estate when not in use. What makes the Stud Horses so unique and practical is they have the ability to fold and stored into a 60″ long, by 13″ wide, by 5″ high area.

Stud Horses have three positions from which you can work. The first and most common is the seated position. For added comfort while studying and drawing for long periods, Stud Horses have been outfitted with a cushioned seat. Second is the standing position where the Stud Horse acts as a drafting table. Third is the easel position. In this position the Stud Horse can hold your canvas for on location or in studio paintings.

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Behind the Front Visual Arts Studio – Life Drawing Course & Drop-in Program

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Starts June 13th

Behind the Front Visual Arts Studio
Life Drawing Course and Drop-in Program

@ influx Creative Space
141 Spadina at Richmond
For more information please contact us at 647•502•2787
or email us at

Starts Wednesday June 13th, 6:30pm — 9:30pm
Eight classes
Eight weeks

Private tutoring available

To Our Prospective Student
Whether you are a designer, animator, illustrator, artist, hobbyist, student or someone who believes in art as a form of therapy, Behind the Front Visual Arts Studio has something to offer you. Creating art is an opportunity to express one’s self imaginatively, authentically, and spontaneously; it is an experience that over time, can lead to personal fulfillment, emotional reparation and recovery. Whatever your reason, Behind the Front will help you grow artistically with our team of qualified artists.

Our Objective
Our goal is to provide students with traditional skills for drawing, designing and animating. We focus on the understanding of figurative techniques (realistic drawing) by learning to see the things in our foreground, mid-ground and background. We believe that learning to draw is learning to see. Once students acquire these fundamental skills the focus turns to developing personal expression.

The Program
Our program is from 6:30pm to 9:30pm and starts Wednesday June 13th. It focuses on how to approach the human figure, how to simplify the difficult, what is important, line & analysis and using geometry.

Materials and Supplies
All basic drawing supplies are provided by the studio. We work strictly with qualified models at no extra cost to our students. Student’s work can be stored on the premise for the duration of their studies. To ensure the comfort of our students, our studio is also equipped with stud horses designed by Instructor Adrian Hayles.

Monday Drop in Sessions
The sessions will go from 6:30pm to 9:30pm every Monday. Each session will cost $10. We also offer cards of 10 sessions for $80. Participants are required to bring their own materials.

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Miles Ahead

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A year in the making this stands as the largest piece I have created. Located in the heart of the Market at Four Life Natural Foods, this piece is a reflection of Kensington’s vibrant community. It is designed to instill a sense of self worth and is a celebration of life.

Four Life Natural Foods
257 Augusta Ave. at the corner of Nassau

Documentary video coming soon.

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New Jimmi Hendrix canned mural in Kensignton.

This was an awesome experience and a lot was learned while producing the painting mainly, how to layer colours effectively. This stands as my fines canned mural to date.


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Mo’ Cowbell Mural

April 28th, 2010 by sawtay · 1 Comment · Behind the Front

Mo' Cowbell

Bellevue Spray Mural 2010

Mo' Cowbell

Bellevue Spray Mural 2010

Mo' Cowbell

Bellevue Spray Mural 2010

This mural at the  Bellevue (61 Bellevue Ave, Kensington, Toronto) was inspired by Christopher Walked SNL character Bruce Dickenson who can’t get enough cowbell in his diet.

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