Based out of Toronto, Canada, Invisible-Friends.com was founded by DJs Jun and Sawtay (aka Adrian Hayles) as a creative outlet and community to bring together music, art and events. Invisible-Friends.com, currently hosts DJ Jun, CR8APES, DJ Sawtay, Adrian Hayles and Behind the Front Visual Art Studio. We will be adding plenty of new mixes and content in the near future so we hope you enjoy it and come back often.

Peace and Love,





DJ Jun


A music lover for as long as I can remember but it wasn’t until 1995 when I heard a Native Tongue Tribute on a Toronto radio show called ‘Vibes n Stuff’ that made me decide to start collecting vinyl records. Since then, my collection has expanded to reflect my wide variety of musical taste, which includes Funk, Soul, Hip hop, Reggae, Rocksteady, Ska, Dancehall, Brazilian, Latin, Rock and everything in between.

For over 12 years, I’ve been deejaying in and around the Toronto area and making mixes along the way. In 2008, I started making these mixes available online for free at djjun.com to help promote the music and artists that I love and have uncovered while researching and collecting records. If you hear a song on a mix that you like, I urge you to seek out other recordings and support the artist whenever possible as this would not be possible without them.

If you enjoy the mixes, please subscribe to my podcast to be automatically notified of new mixes and upcoming events or join our facebook group. Also, if you want more information on songs or artists, feel free to use the new comments sections or email me at djjun(at)invisible-friends.com. Thanks for tuning in.








CR8APES is a platform that DJ’s can use to post podcasts and events for thousands to take in. We’ll be posting up plenty of new mixes from DJs around the world, so stay tuned.

We’re always looking for new mixes. if you got a mix you want to submit, hit us up with a link to it at info@invisible-friends.com.





DJ Sawtay


Sawtay started playing with records at the age of 13 under the watchful eye of his father, a DJ himself.  He was influenced by the street performers and graffiti artists of the local Toronto Hip Hop community in the early 90’s.  It was at high school dances and other local outings that he nurtured his skills on the turntables.

After high school, Sawtay moved from Oshawa back to Toronto and settled in Rexdale where he attended Humber College in 1997.  There, his DJ scratching and juggling skills were further influenced by well known DJ’s such as Turnstiles, Scratch Pickles, and the X-ecutioners.  It wasn’t until 2000 that Sawtay joined the DJ company, Waxpants that he would have a lasting impact on Toronto’s tablist movement.  The Waxpants crew consisted of DJ Mensa, Adam Slayer, and Sawtay himself.  They spent five years hosting the Toronto DMC’s and open table shows at legendary venues such as the Opera House, the Reverb, the Rivoli, and the Phoenix.  They brought huge acts such as Kid Koala, DJ Radar, and A-Trak to showcase their talents, further pushing the boundaries of Toronto’s Turntable scene.

Sawtay joined forces with the beat box artist, Subliminal under Jungle Boy Entertainment management in 2002.  He performed alongside Subliminal providing an assortment of cuts and scratches to his eclectic live show.  Together they preformed and toured doing shows for Dark Knights, the Toronto Street Festival and the variety show Toronto One.  In 2003, Sawtay lent his talents towards the development of Canada’s first Hip Hop based community center, IC Visions.  Sawtay has also been the DJ behind Toronto’s most electrifying trio, Rhythmicru between 2003 and 2008.

Currently, Sawtay can be found moving crowds at the jazz bar, The Emmet Ray where he has maintained his residence for the past year.  He has also provided heart thumping live cuts for such  goups as Grand Analog, Magnolious and femcee Nilla.  You can now find Sawtay’s mixes on Cr8apes.com, a site he has developed along side DJ Jun, featuring mixes from Toronto’s finest DJs.







At the tender age of nine, Toronto-based illustrator Adrian Hayles discovered the expressive nature of the visual arts. With his continued artistic development, illustration became his deepest passion and talent. His desire to learn and absorb from his surroundings led him on a personal creative journey. As a graduate of the Graphic Design program at Humber College with over 10 years of working experience behind him, Adrian has established his place in Toronto’s modern art community. His style is provocative and inspiring and defies categorization.

Blurring the lines between graffiti and ultra realism, Adrian’s voice and vision is instantly identifiable. His works include countless portraits and illustrations for various magazines (including Peace and Business Edge) and collaborations with the City of Toronto to develop murals for vacant community spaces.

Recently, Adrian worked with the innovative youth interactive development company, Webkinz. As part of the Webkinz art department, his designs entertained and educated millions of internet savvy children. In addition, Adrian designed animated characters and props as part of Smiley Guys Studio which have since become popular through the comedy  network shows, The Dating Guy and Hot Box.






Behind the Front


In September 2008, Adrian Hayles established the Behind the Front Visual Arts Studio (BF VAS). The mission of BF VAS is to support up-and-coming artists in developing and promoting their skills and creativity. May 2009, BF VAS has offered structural and life drawing sessions for artists of all levels.

Between Osgoode and St. Andrew lives your creative station

Behind the Front Visual Arts Studio
@ influx Creative Space
141 Spadina at Richmond


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  • Matt Chan

    hi guys…i really like the mixes you’ve been posting!  keep up the good work!
    i just moved to toronto from vancouver earlier this year.  i do a radio show over at CJSF in vancouver which i’m still doing today.  i pre-record my shows and send them over to CJSF to be broadcasted.  i’ve posted them up on mixcloud so when you get a chance check them out.
    i play a mix of hip hop, funk, soul, afro beat, downtempo, disco, and some jazz.

  • MixMaster

    Hey guys, just wanted you to know that I’m LOVING the mixes you guys have on the site. I’m going to be posting a few on them on my site http://www.theMixFeed.com and ‘featuring’ a few of them in the coming weeks to days…. So much music, such little time to listen to it all! Thanks a lot!!

  • Sanka Abeysinghe


    Some AWESOME!!! work amigo!!!
    so glad to see you doing what you love!

    keep it up

    Happy New Year :)


  • Diane Joseph

    Talented artist.your work is amazing.

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