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  • Marie Anne

    Hello, I would like to have more information on your product and the possiblilty to help you develop and expand.

    Thanking you in advance,
    Marie-Anne Pasieka

  • Sandra Zarcone

    Hello,  Like so many people, my friend was injured while playing soccer.  I would like more info and the possibility of investing in your product.
    Thank you

  • Alex

    Fantastic idea! As the people who posted here, I’d be happy to help in any way that makes sense. Feel free to contact me. Thanks!

  • Shawn James

    Hello Icon team.
    Just finished watching the Dragons Den episode (Wed September 29th 2010) and was very impressed with your product, your passion and your vision.  I was disappointed that the Dragon’s did not counter.  I wish all the best to your goals.  Please do not give up!

  • Elle

    Just watched you both on Dragons Den, here in Saskatchewan…..WOW. We are so impressed with your wheelchair and your positive attitude regarding humanity. Thank you both for being part of the solution and not the problem.  Great Job!!

  • Jacqueline Poulin

    Just watched the Dragon’s Den. I was sorry they did not invest in your fabulous idea. I hang around with 3 guys in wheelchairs. One of them is president on a Quebec organization for handicapped ppl. He is French speaking and most of the members are too. Do you have any information in french? I would like to show them this new wheelchair.

  • Lisa Hrehorets

    Hi Guys great idea, My daughter is in a chair and I am very interested in your chair for her. I know that people that havn’t been exposed to the medical equipment aspect of life have no idea how expensive this stuff is. Your chair is awesome, functional and stylin’. Please let me know when you are able to fill orders and I will take it to my daughter. She is 22 and would benifit from the flexability of your chair

  • Ian Douglas

    Just saw you on Dragon’s Den and were very impressed with your product

  • LFJ

    awesome presentation on Dragon’s Den.  I found their question re: CFO to be a dealbreaker for many of them.  Get an accountant who can pull together a business plan substantiating some of your numbers and your in the game…

  • Don Moroz

    Very impressed with what you are doing , i am VERY  interested in partnering with you. Please call me 780-720-9691 email dmoroz@derrickconcrete.com

  • elizabeth.

    Please let me know as soon as  you start filling orders.  Our  adult,  adopted son,  is a childhood victim of Polio from Vietnam.  We have been buying wheelchairs over many years.  All of them cumbersome and heavy,  and equally as expensive as your product, sometimes more.
    Our son  has a full-time job supporting adults with disabilities.  He has to get his wheelchair in and out of his S.U.V several times a day.   We were so excited to see your product on Dragon’s Den.
    Could you possibly keep us updated?   We are  always anxious to get  something that would  make his life easier. 

  • Danielle

    I just saw the Dragon’s Den and as a Rehab Assistant student in BC, I’m excited to see that you have thought about the needs of the client.  Though for your consideration at future prototypes, at a recent Rehab Equipment Expo I have seen a similar product made here in BC.  Though would be interested in seeing the features of your model.  Thanks!

  • Kimberly

    Just watched your presentation on Dragon’s Den.  I graduated with a degree in Finance and I’m interested in talking to you more about possibly working with your business from a CFO point of view.  Please email me.  Kimberly

  • Ruedi

    Saw you on Dragons Den. You don’t need Venture Capitalists to fund your company. What you need IMMEDIATELY is a web site where people can make donations via PayPal. If such a web site existed when I saw the show, I would have sent you $50 with no strings attached. I’m sure there are many other people who’ll help you along with knowledge, skills and money.So, go get it, guys!!!!

  • Jon

    You guys are definetly be one of the companies the Dragons are wrong on and should have invested in you.   Those chairs are absolutely amazing, keep it up guys, I know you will get in the market.  You have too good a product not to.

  • Harry

    I saw your pitch last night and was excited with your product.  I have recently retired, with over 40 years of manuffacturing / engineering  knowledge.  I can help you bring this product to market at low cost and quick  lead time.  Please contact me for further discussions.

  • Keith Lien

    We love your passion and your product, we will be proud to represent you in Western Canada as a commissioned agent,

    Keith Lien

  • Marco Pilotto

    hey, it look to be a great product, its normal that peoples who are not living with our handicap could not understand our day today reality and the huge market where money are not a object, I beleive you can sale more than what you forcast, I’m a quad, use a T-Lite chair, theses pseudo business donk!  let pass a opportunity to flip theirs dollars in the medic industry?

  • douglas kind

    I probably can help you with $, marketing and product manufactuing as I have spend years in the exoskeleton area.  We should be one of the first to actually build a low cost exoskeleton system.

  • Iain Thomas

    I don’t know if this will actually reach you guys but just to let you know, if your chair was on the market, I would buy one today for my mother. Until then, I’m looking forward to the day that she (and others) can have one.

  • Julie Bell

    I saw your wheelchair on Dragon’s Den.  I am an OT in Wpg (MB), and saw you at our wheelchair confrence.  I loved your chair!  WHen can we see more?  Do you have a website?  How can people contact you to invest?  This chair needs to get on the market!

  • peter o'donovan

    hey guys i saw your wheelchairs on dragons den , in 2001 i suffered a serious spinal injury where i shattered my c6 and c7 vertabraes and by the grace of god i had an unbelievable surgeon as i was 1 millimeter from being in a wheelchair . i thank god i made it through that time every single day. i was wondering if it is possible to invest in your company as i think your product is incredible and feel the need to be able to pitch in and help others please feel free to contact me .

  • Shaune Thompson

    Hi Jeff and Christian, I also saw your amazing product on DD last night. I’ve been assisting companies in Calgary for over 12 yrs with their business management needs. I would love to help. Feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance.

  • Stan White

    Hi guys,
    I also saw your episode on DD and our company works with foreign Defence contractors who seek Canadian opportunities and local content to support.
    We may be able to assist you in getting your product to market as well as explore foreign market potential as well.
    Please contact me at above address or stan@shwhite.com.
    I would like to explore the possibilities with you.
    Stan White

  • Peter Beggs

    Saw you on the Den…Thought your idea was great…we do alot of work with special needs etc and i think wwe should talk about adding GPS tracking to your product.



  • nicholas

    Silly Dragon’s. You appear to have no web presence. Be glad to help with that and any video/promo material you might need.
    Great product

  • sawtay

    Thanks for the kind comments but if you could contact the company direct at jeff@iconwheelchairs.com
    they can be better served.

  • sawtay

    Hey Abdul. Please contact the company directly at jeff@iconwheelchairs.com.

  • sawtay

    That’s a great idea, but you should contact the company directly at jeff@iconwheelchairs.com.

  • sawtay

    Please contact the company directly at jeff@iconwheelchairs.com.

  • sawtay

    Hey Shaune. Could you contact the company directly at jeff@iconwheelchairs.com.

  • sawtay

    Hey Peter. Icon would love your help I’m sure. Please contact them at jeff@iconwheelchairs.com.

  • sawtay

    Hey Julie. Please contact Icon at jeff@iconwheelchairs.com.

  • sawtay

    Hey Iain. Icon will get back to you if you contact them at jeff@iconwheelchairs.com.

  • sawtay

    Hey Douglas. Icon could sure use your support. Please contact them at jeff@iconwheelchairs.com.

  • sawtay

    Marco. Icon can be contacted directly at jeff@iconwheelchairs.com

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